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Karimata Archipelago is considered the most attractive vacation destination in West Kalimantan Province. It is because tourists can visit both big and small islands comfortably during holidays. When it comes to major islands, Serutu indeed becomes a good choice. The island belongs to Betok Jaya Village and it is part of North Kayong Regency actually. Also, it is the next popular destination after Karimata (another major island) for tourists to explore. What makes it famous, though? According to villagers, visitors are interested in visiting it due to the natural beauty and local fishermen’s activity.

The Nuance
Serutu is an inhabited island, so tourists may meet the locals when exploring it later. Have no worries. The villagers are friendly and they often help outsiders regarding tourist information and accommodation. In terms of nuance, the island features numerous facilities and accommodations. That means visitors can easily find anything that they need including foods, places to stay, etc. When it comes to attractions, the island offers both interesting culture and historical landmarks! One of them is none other than the old lighthouse, located near to the pier.

Exploring Serutu Island
Once arriving at Serutu Island, tourists should find a place for resting first. Thus, later, they can start the exploration with the help of a tour guide. So, what can they do? The most recommended activity is to visit the local settlement or village. That is the best opportunity to meet the locals and witness their culture, after all. Most villagers work as a fisherman, so they can be seen easily in the sea and beaches. For lucky tourists, they can even join them and catch some fishes in the sea!

The next recommended activity to do in Serutu Island is to visit the most famous landmark, which is the lighthouse. Such structure becomes a nice background for photography, so tourists must not forget to carry the camera before heading to the location. Aside from taking pictures, they are even allowed to climb the lighthouse and witness stunning views of the sea to their heart’s content. It is said the lighthouse has been there since 100 years ago and it was built during the reign of the Dutch.

Another popular tourist activity in Serutu Island is definitely island hopping. In this case, tourists should find a reliable boat service at the nearby pier beforehand. This service helps them to reach nearby islands in a comfortable manner, after all. Do not forget to carry some cash to pay the service as well!

Nearby Attractions

  • Penebang Island
  • Karimata Strait
  • Datok Island
  • Pelapis Island

How to Get There
Usually, people get to Serutu Island from West Kalimantan Province. The first thing to do is to visit Ketapang Port and get a boat service there. The prime destination is Karimata Port, where they can get another boat and head to Serutu Island right. It takes about 8 hours to spend the whole trip, though.

Where to Stay
Tourists can either rent local guesthouses or stay at villagers’ house

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