Karimata Strait in North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan - Indonesia

Of all natural attractions in North Kayong Regency, Karimata Strait becomes a great alternative to enjoy marine tourism when visiting Indonesia. Thanks to the great sea scenery and comfy atmosphere. Tourists can simply find a boat service and explore the strait comfortably. So, why is the strait? It has been chosen as the best location to conduct sail events! Not to mention lots of nature lovers take advantage of its underwater beauty to enjoy snorkeling and diving. Moreover, due to the popularity, the strait is known among both locals and foreign tourists.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Karimata Strait is indeed wide and grandiose. The width is about 150 km, measured from Belitung to Kalimantan Island. No wonder, it is considered one of the widest straits of the country. Also, it connects the Java Sea and the South China Sea. Not to mention the strait is located between Kalimantan and Sumatra Island. This explains why tourists can easily get to the location without hassles! The best feature, perhaps, is the presence of Karimata Islands that reside in the middle of the strait.

Exploring Karimata Strait
So, what can tourists do in Karimata Strait? It is as simple as sightseeing. That means visitors can rent a boat and explore the strait with it. Have no worries. The service is considered cheap and the operator is quite professional. Feeling the breezy wind and witnessing stunning views of the sea are quite comforting, no? During the exploration, it is recommended to take pictures of the marine scenery as well. The only consideration is that tourists should come during sunny days! The rain may spoil the fun, after all.

The next recommended activity to do in Karimata Strait is none other than snorkeling or diving. As mentioned before, the strait is famous for its underwater beauty. No wonder, it suits water sports the most! On top of that, the visibility is impressive and the sea features various beautiful fishes and corals! Such activities even become more comfortable due to shallow and crystal clear water. Plus, the current is not quite strong so it is suitable for everyone including beginners. As for the equipment, tourists can either rent it or bring their own.

What is more? Karimata Strait is also famous for the sail events. The local government conducts such events regularly, so everyone can watch them (including tourists). One thing, it only occurs at a specific date so tourists must find information regarding the schedule before coming to Karimata Strait. During the events, several performances and exhibitions also occur, especially the colossal dance performed by more than 400 local dancers!

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How to Get There
As mentioned before, an access to Karimata Strait is quite easy. Tourists can get to the location either from Kalimantan or Sumatra Island, in fact. For those who come from Kalimantan Indonesia, they need to use a boat service from available ports (especially Ketapang Port) and head to the location right away. Later, they can drop by at Karimata Island for further adventure as well.

Where to Stay
Local guesthouses are available in Karimata Island

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