Pulau Datok Beach in North Kayong Regency, Indonesia

When it comes to a vacation in North Kayong Regency, most tourists have recognized the beauty of Karimata Archipelago. However, other stunning attractions are available for them to explore while visiting the region! This includes Pulau Datok Beach of Sukadana Sub-District. The location is in Sutra Village and it is the part of Palung National Park. The beach becomes a recommended vacation destination due to its beauty and strong breeze of the sea, actually. Some people also come to the beach to witness the romantic sunset with families or lover.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Pulau Datok Beach is perfect for a family recreation. Thanks to various natural ornaments that surround the beach. For example, numerous species of trees enliven the site, including palms, wild Mangosteen trees, and acacias. The presence of these trees helps tourists to avoid the heat of the sun during the day indeed. Plus, the wind blows passing through the leaves and creates a soothing sound! This explains why many tourists may roll out a mat and sit under those trees comfortably. This can be done while eating snacks with families as well.

Exploring Pulau Datok Beach
The most common activity to do in Pulau Datok Beach is to enjoy the nuance while witnessing sea scenery. The songs of insects are heard and these sound quite comforting, especially during summer. Plus, tourists may witness numerous creatures like seagulls and eagles in the morning! Moreover, in some parts of the beach, Bornean gibbons are often seen on the trees. It is because the beach is located quite near to Peramas Mountain, so tourists are likely to encounter those exotic animals during the visit.

Aside from relaxation, the beach is suitable for water sports as well. These include swimming and fishing! One thing, the waves are unpredictable so beginners should stay away from the water if they are not good at swimming. Instead, they can use a fishing rod and catch some fishes on the shoreline. The weather is nice for fishing, after all. Plus, the warm breezy wind makes such activity more comfortable to do. As an alternative, they can look for mussels and scallops on the shore!

Here is the good news. Pulau Datok Beach features several shelters or resting areas, located near to the shoreline. These become a great alternative to relax aside from the spots under shady trees, no? While resting, tourists can even order fresh coconut drinks and enjoy it with their families.

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How to Get There
From Pontianak City, a trip to Pulau Datok Beach may take approximately 9 hours. The distance is 453 km, after all. Once tourists arrive at North Kayong Regency, they can head to Sukadana Sub-District immediately. The fact is that the beach is part of a famous national park called Palung Mountain, so everyone can find it easily.

Where to Stay

  • Aulia Inn
  • Kapuas Kayong Inn
  • Anugrah Hotel
  • Mahkota Hotel

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