Karimata Islands in North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan - Indonesia

Located in the midst of Karimata Strait, Karimata Islands should be tourists’ favorite destination when visiting West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. In terms region, it is part of North Kayong Regency, actually. Also, it resides between Sumatra and Kalimantan Island. That means tourists can reach the site from those big islands! Not only it offers a wonderful landscape, the islands are worth numerous tourist activities including island hopping, recreation, photography, and exploration. Plus, tourists keep coming in order to enjoy snorkeling and diving. This is why the archipelago gets a better popularity over time.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Karimata Islands has the width of about 77,000 hectares. Have no worries. It is an inhabited archipelago (populated by more than 1000 people), so tourists can easily find good services and accommodations when visiting the islands. The most attractive feature of the islands is none other than its marine beauty, which makes it a potential marine reserve. It consists of two big islands called Seruty and Karimata. Not to mention smaller islands reside, including Belian, Buluh, Kelumpang, Busung, Genting, Segunung, Kera, and Serungganing.

Exploring Karimata Islands
Island hopping becomes the most interesting activity that tourists can do in Karimata Islands. Exploring both big and small islands may satisfy their adventure passion, after all. What they need is a reliable boat service and some money to pay it. What is next? As an alternative, tourists can enjoy water sports like snorkeling and diving. The underwater scenery of Karimata Islands is quite impressive, for sure. It is said more than 40 types of corals reside there! Not to mention tourists can explore and witness them from various depth and difficulty, ranging from 1-10 meters.

The next allure of Karimata Islands is the people who live in it! Most of them live in major islands including Serutu, Karimata, and Maya. When it comes to occupation, the majority of them work as farmers, fishermen, and cattle ranchers. The fact is that tourists can find a historical reminiscence of Sukadana ancestors. It is the gigantic ancient human footprint, printed on a rock. Thus, do not forget to come to the site and take pictures of it. Have no worries. The local guide may help everyone to get to the location efficiently.

It seems tourists have an unlimited option of fun activities when exploring Karimata Islands. For instance, fishing is considered a good alternative. This can be done in small islands, where lots of fishes live. Later, once enjoying lots of activities, tourists can enjoy delicious local seafood and other traditional dishes, especially grilled Patin.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Karimata Strait
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How to Get There
People can either come from Sumatra or Kalimantan Island to get to Karimata. For those who come from Kalimantan, though, their best bet is Ketapang Port in Indonesia. Next, they can simply pay a speedboat service to get to Karimata Port. This may take about 2-3 hours depending on weather and boat quality, actually.

Where to Stay
Tourists can either rent local guesthouses or stay at villagers’ house

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