Mangrove Forest in North Kayong Regency, Indonesia

During a visit to West Kalimantan, tourists should consider a famous vacation destination called Kelam Hill. The location is in Kebong Village and it belongs to Kelam Permai Sub-District in Indonesia. Also, in terms of region, it is part of Sintang Regency. Despite the name, the locals also consider it a mountain actually. So, why is the name? “Kelam” means dark. It derives from the appearance of the mountain, which looks dull and burnt. Due to such unique appearance, therefore, tourists are interested to take pictures of the mountain as well as to explore the site with friends.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Kelam Hill is definitely grandiose. In fact, it is considered the largest rock mountain in the world. It resides on 900 meters above the sea level and has the height of about 3250 feet! Not to mention the mountain is located between Kapuas and Melawi River. The major feature of the hill is a dense forest and it becomes the home of various plants and animals. According to the locals, more than 13 species of Nepenthes grow there. The thing is tourists should reach the height of about 500-750 meters above the sea level to see such unique tropical plants.

Exploring Kelam Hill
An adventure in Kelam Hill sounds challenging and fun, doesn’t it? Not only it is suitable for nature lovers, common tourists can definitely enjoy it. As mentioned before, the most interesting allure of the hill is “kantung semar” or nepenthes. Once again, it takes some efforts to see them as most of them grow in secluded spots. Aside from these plants, visitors may encounter other plants and even animals there. These include black orchids, honey bears, swifts, pangolins, and much more!

Those who visit Kelam Hill should know its history as well. For example, the first man who conquered the mountain was Gurtler. He reached the peak in the 1800s, actually. Well, visitors can get more information from local guides or those who live near to the mountain too. What is more? Do not forget to hear a myth regarding the hill! It is said such giant black mountain was once a rock used by Bujang Beji (a mythical character) to prevent Marubai (his rival) from getting more fishes during the competition. Another interesting story is that the mountain came from the sky!

With such various attractions, Kelam Hill indeed gets a better popularity over time. The total size is about 520 hectares and it features numerous natural attractions as well. These include waterfalls, forests, temples, caves, and religious sites! No wonder, it becomes crowded especially during weekends and holidays.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Pontianak City, Indonesia, they can take local transportation service and head to Sintang Regency. The next destination is Kelam Permai Sub-District and tourists should visit Kebong Village afterward. The last thing to do is trekking to the mountain! The whole trip may take about 7 hours and 30 minutes, as the distance is 339 km. For a faster trip, tourists can use Lintas Kalimantan Poros Tengah Street actually.

Where to Stay

  • Mitra Kapuas Hotel
  • Cika Hotel
  • Ladja Hotel
  • Walet Inn

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