Lubuk Baji Waterfall in North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan - Indonesia

Perhaps lots of travelers and tourists have heard about Palung Mountain National Park in North Kayong Regency. Well, it is the home to numerous natural attractions, including Lubuk Baji Waterfall! This secluded and beautiful waterfall is located in Begasing Village and belongs to Sukadana Sub-District. Also, Lubuk Baji is part of Pelerangan Mountains. It is true that the prime allure of the site is waterfall itself. However, other attractions also reside there including exotic animals and lush plants. This explains why the location is suitable for an exploration or adventure, as well.

The Nuance
The nuance is serene due to its secluded location. Still, such peaceful atmosphere helps tourists to relieve stresses. Plus, the sound of gurgling water is quite soothing as well. The only challenge is that visitors need to spend some efforts to get to the location. Not only the route is rough, it takes some time to get there as well. Have no worries. The panorama is breathtaking, so tourists won’t get bored during the trip. On top of that, a two-story basecamp resides near to the waterfall, on where tourists can rest before continuing the trip.

Exploring Lubuk Baji Waterfall
A trip to Lubuk Baji Waterfall indeed takes some time and stamina. Thus, tourists should have prepared before heading to the location. The good thing is that their effort is quite rewarding, as they are able to witness stunning waterfall and surrounding natural attractions. As though, their tiredness goes away in an instant due to such panorama. Another impressive feature of the site is indeed the beautiful sunrise in the morning. In this case, tourists should have arrived at the site before such moment and climb a little bit on a higher land located near to the waterfall.

Taking pictures of Lubuk Baji Waterfall is quite recommended once tourists get to the site. Here is the good news. Visitors can explore the location and find other interesting natural attractions. If they are lucky, they can even meet wild Orangutan (including the nest). This becomes the opportunity to get close to such exotic tropical animal and feed them too. Other beautiful animals that they may encounter are Malayan honey bears, Maroon leaf monkeys, Bornean gibbons, hornbills, and many others!

What is more? For those who want to spend the night at the site, they can choose the basecamp. The location is near to the waterfall, so it is the best choice for staying overnight. Not to mention it comes with ample facilities and clean environment, which may guarantee the safety and comfort of tourists.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Pontianak City, tourists’ first destination would be North Kayong Regency. Next, they can simply reach Sukadana Sub-District and visit Palung National Park. The last thing to do is trekking to Lubuk Baji Waterfall. The whole trip may take around 6 hours, as the distance is 295 km actually. But, it can be faster if they take Ahmad Yani Street.

Where to Stay

  • Aulia Inn
  • Kapuas Kayong Inn
  • Anugrah Hotel
  • Mahkota Hotel

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