Air Paoh Natural Spring in Sukadana Sub-District, North Kayong Regency - Indonesia

Sukadana is the capital of North Kayong Regency. No wonder, it gets more tourists or visitors than other sub-districts. Thanks to the variety of natural attractions Indonesia. People keep coming and enjoy a memorable vacation there. As for the reference, there is Air Paoh (Pauh) located in Pangakalan Buton Village. This stunning natural spring never bores tourists and it offers both fresh mountain water and beautiful panorama. Not only visitors can enjoy sightseeing, they are allowed to get in the water and take a bath in it! What is more?

The Nuance
Air Paoh Natural Spring is a famous vacation destination, so visitors may expect lots of people on the site (especially during holidays). The water comes from the mountain, so it feels quite soothing and fresh. Plus, it flows beautifully among stunning black river stones! The next interesting feature is definitely the formation of plants and trees that grow around the site. On top of that, cute small fishes swim in it! Another reason why visitors feel comfortable during the visit is the presence of surrounding panorama like local farms and hills.

Exploring Air Paoh Natural Spring
The best allure of Air Paoh Natural Spring is the accessibility. Everyone, in fact, can enter the site without paying any fee! What can tourists do there, though? Both locals and outsiders are interested in taking a bath and playing water on such serene natural spring. Getting in the refreshing water surrounded by the lush environment is quite comforting, after all. The good news is that tourists can find a changing room! There is no need to feel uncomfortable when it comes to changing clothes after bathing, isn’t it?

Most visitors come to Air Pauh Natural Spring to take a bath after enjoying fun activities at Pulau Datok Beach. The location of these tourist spots is near to each other, after all. Aside from the changing room, visitors can take advantage of the presence of local food vendors. Do not forget to buy some snacks from them after taking a bath in the natural spring! One thing, no one is allowed to litter. The environment is clean and neat, so visitors should retain such quality at all cost.

Some people also come to Air Paoh Natural Spring to relax and relieve stresses. Thanks to the peaceful nuance and the presence of dense trees. Such atmosphere gets rid of stresses in an instant for sure. Not to mention the air feels cool and rejuvenating, which is good for relaxation. For those who carry a camera, they can collect impressive photos at the site as well.

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How to Get There
In order to reach Air Pauh Sub-Districts, tourists should reach North Kayong Regency first in Indonesia. The next destination is indeed Sukadana Sub-District, and they can directly reach Pangkalan Buton Village right away. A short trekking is required later, in order to get to the natural spring. The whole trip takes about 9 hours and the distance is 445 km. Thus, make sure to carry enough supplies and money before going. Also, for a faster trip, it is recommended to take Ahmad Yani Street!

Where to Stay

  • Aulia Inn
  • Kapuas Kayong Inn
  • Anugrah Hotel
  • Mahkota Hotel

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