Rentap Hill in Sintang Regency, Indonesia

When it comes to natural landmarks, people who live Kelam Permai Sub-District are indeed familiar with Kelam Hill. However, another attractive hill resides near to it called Rentap. To be exact, it is located in Maram River and becomes a nice place for an adventure. Even though a route to the site is rough and challenging, it doesn’t stop travelers to get there. Not only the hill is famous for its trekking route, it also impresses tourists with its pristine environment and various natural attractions! Overall, it suits everyone who loves outdoor activities in Indonesia.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the route is not quite comfortable so everyone must not complain while exploring the hill. The next challenge is that they must pass through a forest! Have no worries. It is quite rewarding, as they may find a stunning waterfall in the midst of it. The best part is that they are allowed to take a bath in it! The water is fresh and crystal clear, so it is suitable for relaxation. The next feature of the hill is the presence of a majestic cliff, having the height between 50 – 100 meters above the sea level. It becomes a perfect medium for rock climbing, actually.

Exploring Rentap Hill
In terms of appearance, Rentap has more surface defects than Kelam Hill. Not to mention it has more curves on its cliff contour! This explains why the hill is quite popular among trekkers and rock climbers. In other words, Rentap is more suitable for trekking and rock climbing than Kelam. On the other hand, Kelam is more popular among those who love photography due to its unique appearance. The best thing is that these hills are located close to each other, so tourists can visit both when visiting Kelam Permai Sub-District.

As mentioned before, trekking becomes the prime activity among those who visit Rentap Hill. These people want to conquer the route and landscape with their friends, regardless of the experience. As long as they carry enough supplies and wear proper gear, they would be able to reach the top of the hill without hassles. Later, they can even rest at the available waterfall and take a bath in it!

Another popular activity to do in Rentap Hill is none other than rock climbing. Some people call it artificial climbing, though. That means they may conduct the activity in a traditional way without spoiling the surrounding environment. Still, for beginners, it is better to come with a professional guide or an instructor in order to avoid accidents while climbing the cliff.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kelam Hill
  • Beji Monument
  • Baning Forest Park
  • Almukarimah Palace

How to Get There
From Pontianak City, Indonesia, a trip to Rantap Hill may take about 8 hours as the distance is 364 km. The first destination is Sintang Regency and tourists can visit Maram River Village in Kelam Permai Sub-District afterward. Also, it is recommended to hire a local guide and take Lintas Kalimantan Poros Tengah Street for a faster trip.

Where to Stay

  • Mitra Kapuas Hotel
  • Cika Hotel
  • Ladja Hotel
  • Walet Inn

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