Serawak Waterfall in North Kayong Regency, Indonesia

Visiting a peaceful vacation destination helps tourists to relax and get rid of stresses. If by chance they visit North Koyong Regency in Indonesia, they must not miss the opportunity to visit Serawak Waterfall. As the name suggests, it is located at the foot of Serawak Mountain and belongs to Sukadana Sub-District. The good thing is that the waterfall resides quite near to famous Pulau Datok Beach. Due to its secluded location, the waterfall becomes a perfect place to relax and take pictures. Some visitors even take advantage of the natural pond (located below the falls) for bathing due to its refreshing atmosphere.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the waterfall is part of Serawak Mountain. That means tourists need to pass through a challenging route in order to reach the site. Fortunately, the nuance is quite refreshing due to the presence of lush trees and soothing air. That means visitors won’t feel tired when heading to the location, as they can enjoy beautiful scenery while trekking. Once arriving at the site, they may see the stunning waterfall right away. The size is not that big, but it looks quite majestic. Not to mention a natural pond resides below it, featuring crystal clear fresh water.

Exploring Serawak Waterfall
The first allure of Serawak Waterfall is the challenging route that tourists should conquer before reaching the site. Instead of being a burden, it gives a memorable experience to tourists. Such short adventure becomes a nice opportunity to enjoy trekking as well. The departure point is Sungai Mengkuang Street, actually. From there, tourists can start trekking to the waterfall which takes about 10-15 minutes.

Once getting near to Serawak Waterfall, tourists may hear the sound of gurgling water right away. It becomes the sign that they have already arrived at the site, for sure. The thing is the location is a little bit secluded, so it takes some efforts to reach it. The size is moderate and the waterfall has swift water discharge as well. On the site, tourists can witness other attractions aside from the waterfall itself. For example, there is the view of the nearby beach (Pulau Datok Beach) that can be seen from there!

For first-timers, it is recommended to come to Serawak Waterfall with a local guide. It is because this person has the experience regarding the route and condition of the site. Not to mention he may tell some tips regarding how to enjoy the trip! As for the rule, everyone should take care of the environment during the visit. That means littering is highly prohibited.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Pontianak City, Indonesia, the first destination is North Kayong Regency. Next, they need to reach Sukadana Sub-District and head to Serawak Mountain right away. Lastly, it takes several minutes of trekking in order to get to the waterfall. The whole trip takes approximately 9 hours and 20 minutes, as the distance is 445 km. It can be faster if they take Ahmad Yani Street, though.

Where to Stay

  • Aulia Inn
  • Kapuas Kayong Inn
  • Anugrah Hotel
  • Mahkota Hotel

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